Our commitment is to everyone: Members, consumers, workforce, suppliers, the environment, social environment and respect for the identity of our Galician origin.


We focus on equality and reconciliation, working to enable our staff to achieve the best balance between their personal and professional life. Proof of our commitment is the EFR (Family Friendly Company) certification, a unique management tool in the world based on continuous improvement, which responds to a new social-labour and corporate culture based on flexibility, respect and mutual commitment.


Supporting the families, of our members and of our employees, promoting equal opportunities and facilitating reconciliation are some of the keys elements of our Human Resources policy.

We promote the implementation of social measures based on respect and commitment, which cover important aspects such as professional and family support, stability and quality at work or support for potential victims of domestic violence. The work-life balance is also one of our main concerns, providing flexible hours for parents, childcare grants, paid leave or special leave for social activities.

In 2009 we approved the Equality Plan, for which we received the Equality in the Workplace Award from the Ministry of Health, Social Policy and Equality. This award acknowledges our work in applying measures to guarantee equal opportunities between the sexes.

At Feiraco we are also the first food company in Galicia to join the Spanish Network of the UN Global Compact, an initiative that promotes core values related to the fulfilment of human, environmental and anti-corruption rights.