Only our cooperative can guarantee 100% traceability of the dairy products that reach your table. Do you know why?

Because we control the process from start to finish, working daily with our partners, whom we support and offer services to ensure they get the most out of their farms.

The members of the cooperative are the backbone of the Feiraco Method.

The cows come first, then the milk. The members of the cooperative receive ongoing technical advice for the health care of our cows.

We make our own feed and together with the best Galician pastures this guarantees high quality milk.

There is no milk like the one you drink at home, so we only collect 100% Galician milk from the members of our cooperative.

We control and optimise the entire process, including bottling, storage and distribution.

This is how the members of our cooperative maintain quality from start to finish, until our milk reaches your table.

Cooperative means quality


We are so proud of these seals! They are the recognition of the daily efforts of our farmers to deliver the best dairy products to your table. Discover what they mean!

Gallega 100%

This seal is awarded by the Galician Interprofessional Laboratory of Milk Analysis Association (IGAL). It guarantees not only the Galician source of the milk, but also its excellence! Having this seal proves that the raw materials used come exclusively from farms included in the Dairy Farms of Differentiated Quality Register. And do you know what this means? That its quality far exceeds the requirements set by the European Union.

Galicia Calidade

More than just a simple seal: A badge of honour! For the consumer, the Galicia Calidade seal is not only guarantees the Galician provenance of the product, but it also serves as an assurance of reliability, prestige and quality.


From Galicia to the rest of the world. Of course, with all the guarantees of food safety and traceability. At Feiraco, we have this essential seal for our exports, and it guarantees that the shipment of food products outside the European Union meets the highest requirements in terms of safety, quality and control.

Carbón Neutral

We only have one planet, let’s take care of it! The Carbon Neutral certification guarantees that in the manufacturing process of our containers we reduce CO2 emissions to the atmosphere to zero.


The material used in the manufacture of our packaging comes from sustainably managed forests, which guarantees that it contributes to the preservation of the environment.

IFS Food

Our factory has the prestigious IFS Food certification, which guarantees the highest standards of food safety. This seal certifies and validates our production, packaging and treatment processes according to the main food safety standards, a guarantee for our consumers.

360º innovation

Our guiding principle is… Never stop! From our R&D&I department, we work tirelessly in two areas:


Research. We provide our knowledge and experience to participate in European, national or regional projects, in collaboration with universities, technology centres, etc.

Innovation. In other words: We are always searching for different ways of doing things. This ranges from work processes to how we can improve our products or launching new proposals on the market.