Feiraco cheese, an essential product that is a must on any table

At Feiraco we like Galician cheeses! Which is why we offer you one of the best Galician designations of origin: Queso Arzúa-Ulloa. You can also discover our Edam block cheese made with 100% Galician milk, perfect for your sandwiches and rolls.


Feiraco Arzúa-Ulloa cheese

Under the Queso Arzúa-Ulloa Designation of Origin one of the most traditional and classic Galician cheeses is produced. Made in the traditional way using cow’s milk from the Galician Blond, Swiss Brown or Friesian breeds, it is characterised by its smooth yellow rind and its extra creaminess.

It has a very mild taste on the palate. It is very easy to combine for snacks, and sauces, fillings or au gratin, because it does not mask the flavour of food. It is also the perfect dessert; on its own or with quince jelly or honey. Also try melting it in a delicious cold meat sandwich or even spread on toast with jam or tomato.
Feiraco Arzúa-Ulloa cheese is gluten free and is, therefore, suitable for celiacs.

Feiraco block cheese

Our Feiraco sandwich cheese is of the Edam variety, it is made with 100% Galician pasteurised cow’s milk and is gluten free, and, therefore suitable for celiacs.

If you are looking for cheese for melting or slicing, this is your best option. It has a unique flavour and is the ideal ingredient to make sandwiches, rolls, pizzas or salads.

It is available in blocks or thin slices.

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