Feiraco cream, extra flavour for your dishes

Are you looking for whipping cream or cooking cream? At Feiraco we have two different varieties for all your cooking needs. Discover them!


Whipping cream
When making your best cakes and desserts, Feiraco whipping cream never lets you down. Our cream has a 35% fat content, it is easy to whip and has a delicious taste that will give your most tempting recipes that special touch.

It is sold in 1-litre and 200-ml cartons. It is also gluten free, and is, therefore, suitable for celiacs.

Ingredients: Cream cow’s milk, milk proteins and stabilizers (E-407)


Cooking cream
Feiraco cooking cream, with only 18% fat, is ideal for making sauces for pasta, meat, vegetables or fish.

Feiraco special cooking cream is gluten free and is sold in 1-litre and 200-ml cartons.

Ingredients: cream of cow’s milk and stabilizers (E-460 and E-466).

Quality marks: