At Feiraco we strive every day to bring you the best dairy products, with maximum quality guarantees from source.

Our cooperative’s organisational model allows us to control and optimise all stages of the production process. We also have an integrated food safety and quality system, based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 certifications, covering the whole chain from the production of cow’s milk at our dairy farms to the packaging and marketing of the final products.


The best milk can only come from the best dairy farms. Feiraco milk only comes from our members’ farms, all of which are located in Galicia. Our members are the key element in our cooperative and we offer them permanent support and advice through our specialised technical team.

The quality guarantee of Feiraco products starts even before the selection of the best raw materials. Feed at our dairy farms is also one of our main concerns. Which is why we make our own animal feed, designed to suit our cow’s feeding needs in order to produce the best milk.