Únicla milk is 100% natural, unique for both its nutritional qualities and its extraordinary taste, that also has the first 100% recyclable container: 86% of each container is of vegetable origin, the caps are made from cane sugar and we have managed to reduce emissions to zero during the manufacturing process.

Natural feed and the special care of our cows, in quiet and healthy environments, are the secret to obtaining milk like it used to be, with a unique taste, recognised by the Superior Taste Award in the last two editions.

Únicla is synonymous with innovation, the result of a research project that received the first European Award for Cooperative Innovation, for naturally improving milk’s nutritional profile and achieving better tasting milk. Our process includes natural feed, supplemented with flaxseeds, achieving the benefits of spring and autumn pastures throughout the year, and ensuring our cows produce, in a totally natural way, milk of the highest quality with less saturated fat, which, in turn, provides Omega 3, CLA and antioxidants.

  • Natural Food: Our process includes a natural diet, supplemented with flax seeds, getting benefits from the spring and autumn pastures throughout the year, and making our cows produce, in a totally natural way, a milk of the highest quality with less content of saturated fats and, in turn, brings the presence of Omega 3, CLA and antioxidants.
  • Animal Welfare: First Galician farms certified by Aenor in Animal Welfare, achieving a positive impact on the quality of our milk.
  • Sustainability and the Environment: First and only dairy certified by Aenor Environment in carbon footprint of product, reducing by 20% the emissions in the production life cycle: From the farm to its distribution.

Únicla offers its distinct flavour in its three varieties: Whole, Semi-skimmed and Skimmed. It also develops the ‘lactose-free’ speciality with two products, Semi-skimmed and Skimmed, extending the Únicla range of products to five.


Feiraco Únicla UHT whole milk
Feiraco Únicla UHT semi-skimmed milk
Feiraco Únicla UHT skimmed milk

Quality marks: galcalidade

Stamps: Superior Taste Award Superior Taste Award Superior Taste Award