Feiraco looks after its dairy farmers and offers them, through the Dairy Farm Resources Division, all the necessary products and services to develop their activity; always focused on creating value for members.


Economic-financial management. This includes production cost management, investment feasibility studies, personalised financial advice and availability of agreements with banks to finance dairy farms.

Technical management. At the Feiraco cooperative we have herd data measuring and control services; monitoring and control of the animal’s health, condition and welfare; and programming and monitoring of objectives established with the farm.

Animal feed. With Feiraco you will optimise your animals’ feeding, you will have a schedule of fodder needs and fodder and water analysis.

Reproduction. We offer you the service for reproductive control and insemination and management protocols.

Agronomy. Soil analyses, fertilisation and liming recommendations and advice on crops to improve the performance and productivity of your farm.

Quality of the milk. We offer specialised guidance for handling milking, mastitis prevention protocols and control and servicing of equipment aimed at improving product quality.

Energy saving and renewable energies. At the cooperative we offer you a service to check your bills, joint negotiation of tariffs and energy audits with recommendations for saving energy.

Advice on facilities and grants. Our technicians will advise you on the design of facilities, processing grants and management to carry out projects at your farm.

Farm certification. Feiraco offers you the management of the necessary documentation to obtain the certificate and we take care of the internal audits of farms.

Advice. We make your farm’s accounting easier with fiscal, accounting and labour advice. We have an occupational hazard prevention plan.

Insurance. Take advantage of discounts in insurance premiums thanks to the Feiraco cooperative’s collective bargaining for agricultural insurance, dairy farm insurance, civil liability, agricultural machinery insurance, etc.

Training. Our member training department holds numerous courses, seminars and training activities throughout the year, such as the agricultural entrepreneurial aptitude courses, course for handler of plant protection products, course for animal welfare on farms and during transport, among others.


We have a wide variety of products to guarantee the welfare of our cows and efficiency of the dairy farms:

• Fertilisers
• Seeds
• Fodder
• Plant-protection products
• Improvement products
• Formula milk
• Cleaning and milking products
• Bedding products

Recursos agrogandeiros


In the Cooperative’s agricultural shops in Ordes, A Picota and Santa Comba we offer you:

• Feed products
• Drugstore
• Agricultural and livestock products
• Gardening products


Wide range of high nutritional quality feed for:
• calves
• cows
• pigs
• hens
• chickens
• heifers
• rabbits
• sheep