We are a cooperative of Galician dairy farmers founded in 1968 and a benchmark in the dairy sector in Galicia. Our evolution in the service of the rural environment has led us to create in 2017, along with the cooperatives Os Irmandiños and Melisanto, the Galician cooperative leader project, Cooperativa Lácteas Unidas CLUN.

We produce, collect and market cow’s milk and dairy products exclusively from our cooperative’s dairy farms, to which we guarantee all the necessary services to develop their business.

For over 40 years, we have worked Alimentando un Xeito de Ser (Fuelling a Way of Life), which is much more than just a slogan. It is our philosophy, based on cooperativism, naturalness, Galeguidade (100% Galician products in every sense), quality and respect for the environment and our surroundings.

At CLUN we maintain a firm commitment to quality to offer you the best dairy products, which are healthy and sustainably produced. In addition, we focus on promoting the economic and social development of Galicia, valuing and supporting our partners’ livestock production.

Feiraco products come exclusively from the milk produced by the livestock members of the CLUN cooperative. They are the key piece in the creation of this new Galician cooperative project. Partners who have been able to adapt to the changes of the passage of time and have made possible the modernization of Galician agriculture. All of them are the living history of the cooperative who have helped, with their effort, to build Galicia today.

Our dairy farmers are the key element in the creation of Feiraco as a cooperative. Members who have adapted to the changing times and have enabled the modernisation of Galician agriculture. They represent Feiraco’s living history; with their efforts they have helped to build today’s Galicia.

We currently have 3.600 members and 490 dairy farms, all located in Galicia.

Feiraco, milk that tastes of Galicia

We have a commitment with Galicia to help structure its social and economic fabric. That commitment is implicit in both our values and our working methods and takes shape in activities focusing on society.


Our goal is quality from start to finish, from the farm to your table, to bring you the best dairy products. To achieve this, we are committed to animal welfare, we guarantee food safety and defend continuous innovation. Find out more about the INTEGRAL QUALITY METHOD